kimchalister (kimchalister) wrote,

Money versus People

I think the Big Decision that the present generation needs to make is what is more important, people or money?  Are we running this country for the benefit of her people of for the benefit of business? 
Now, worded that way, some people will say that you can't benefit people without business, so it's not that clear cut.  But that isn't accurate:  the question can be better stated as, is business a tool for the welfare of humans, or are humans a tool for the welfare of business?
Currently, our government is leaning toward the answer that humans are tools to benefit business, and that business is the real focus of our country.  This makes people who have more money more valuable than people with less money, just as businesses with more money are more valuable than businesses with less money. 

As you may have guessed, I disagree with that position, and think it is the wrong way to go.  I believe that when our country was started, our Founding Fathers looked around at all the monarchies and dictatorships in the world and said, "Let's try something different!  This experiment will make ordinary, middle-class human lives paramount in our purpose."  and they invented a country "of the people, by the people, and for the people": a new thing in the world.  Now, it is no longer new, and the idea is more accepted by many in the world.  But the forces of elitism and inequality have been battling to reverse our country and make us into a country that ignores the welfare of the common people and skews everything in favor of enhancing life for the already rich. 
We used to have opportunity for poor people to become rich, but that is now just a myth, no longer true.  But the myth persists, and encourages poor and middle-class people to get behind the forces that favor the rich.  It's ironic, isn't it?  And sad. 

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