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Obama and LGBT rights

On June 13, I went to the Whitehouse website and sent this email to Obama:

I am outraged! Mr. Obama, you need to fire W. Scott Simpson, now! You need to change that decision.
You are overplaying your hand in this and appearing to be a closet homosexual yourself.
It is completely outrageous to compare same-sex marriages to incest or bestiality or pedophilia. It applies exactly as much as it does to your marriage or your parents' marriage. You have betrayed some of your staunchest supporters. You have repeatedly stabbed us in the back, but this, this is going too far. You have to undo it, NOW!
We are cautiously waiting to see if you really have a plan for health care, despite not giving us what we want. We gave you credit for playing politics when you said you weren't for gay marriage in the campaign. But not being for us is different from being against us. And this shows you are against us.
What you need to do is to get some close personal friends who are gay or lesbian. And listen to them. And listen again. And hold their babies in your arms. Know that same-sex couples NEVER have unwanted children, they are never accidents. And know that they love their children at least as much as you love yours.
If you can't give us real marriage, at least don't stab us in the back!

I am so angry!
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