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On Obama

In a recent discussion on whether or not Obama is the leader we had hoped he was, I came out with this rant, which I thought you might want to see:

Stop-- You're all right!  :-) 
As I see it, I think what is going on is that
a)  a President is not a dictator -- he doesn't have that much power.  and Obama, being a constitutional scholar, didn't want to overstep his bounds too much.... (besides, "they" may be threatening him?)
b) He is taking the long view, which most Americans can't even see.  He passed a watered-down health care because watered down was all they would let him do, but pass it he did, and it is very possible to improve it over the years if we can just maintain enough power to do so. 
c) Obama can't do more than he is doing because we elected him many years too late:  the takeover by the right/corporations started in 1964 and no one even noticed it happening til 20 years later: it is done, they have taken over.  It's not totally complete, but it's 'way past where it would be easy to undo.
d) the main element in their power is the media.  They have pretty much taken over the media.  They are preventing liberal radio from being anything but a tiny voice in the wilderness, they have taken over TV, even PBS has shifted a long way to the right.  Rupert Murdoch is The Anti-Christ!
e) They are working on taking over education: they are endowing conservative chairs in many universities, they are controlling content in textbooks, they are defunding public education. 
f) they are killing us off: health care is down so far that we are 49th in the world in life expectancy....
g) They are leading us to fight each other over scraps:  they have destroyed the whole concept of "a living wage" and then induced people to viciously tear down the few people who still make a reasonable amount of money for a middle-class or working class job.  Rather than saying, "Why aren't we making that much? Let's strike!" we are saying,"Why is he making that much? Make him take less!"
h) They have reduced our world to fear, so that we are less likely to feel for each other.  The fear induces us to just look out for ourselves and not cultivate a "we're all in this together" attitude.  OK, so it isn't working on you, 'cuz you're a hard core liberal, but what about all of those people out there it is working on?
ok, enough ranting....
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